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Aftermath Recruitment -  Your Beacon of Advanced HR and Employee Outsourcing
in the UAE and KSA, Driven by People, Tech, and AI.

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I'm an Employer

Aftermath Recruitment excels in matching skilled job seekers with your needs. We align applicants' talents with your goals, ensuring a seamless team fit and dedication to your business vision

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I'm a Job Seeker

Aftermath Recruitment guides job seekers to find the right employer. If you are looking to improve your career, we have the industry knowledge to help you find a role with the right job fit, compensation, and work-life balance.

Global Expertise

6+ Years of Mastery in Nationalization

27+ Years of Aggregated Experience

110+ Global Client Engagements

10+ Countries Enriched Globally

About Us

Discover the realm where potential meets opportunity at Aftermath Recruitment, your trusted recruitment partner. With years of expertise and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we've become the bridge between top-notch talent and industry leaders. Our client-centric approach and innovative recruitment strategies have positioned us as the go-to workforce solutions provider, ensuring a win-win for employers and candidates alike.

Our Offerings

Empowering Talent, Elevating Enterprises: Tailored Recruitment Solutions.

Our Essence

Team of Visionaries: Pioneering Success through Innovative Recruitment.

Our Approach

Efficiency Meets Excellence: Proven Recruitment Methodology. Embark on a seamless recruitment journey with Aftermath Recruitment.

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Our Expertise

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At Aftermath Recruitment, we are at the vanguard of promoting national employment, with over six years of experience executing nationalization strategies across various GCC countries.

aftermath Recruitment
aftermath Recruitment
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Permanent Recruitment

At Aftermath Recruitment, we believe in the transformative power of connecting the right talent with forward-thinking companies. With a track record of over 200 successful placements, our dedication to excellence is clear.

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Executive Research

A need to fill a leadership role? Our executive search solutions are designed to help you find the industry’s leading figures. With a strategic mix of creativity and extensive market knowledge, we deliver high-caliber talent within just 90 days.

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Aftermath Recruitment provided unparalleled support during our recruitment phase, understanding our culture and ensuring a seamless integration of values. The positive impact on our teams has been evident, with a renewed sense of vitality and creativity across the company. We are immensely grateful for their exceptional service.

Fatima Abu Muiss

Principal, Al Kamal American International School

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