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Job seeker's guide through an agency recruitment process.

#1 - Shortlist Candidate

Aftermath provides Candidates, not Applicants. what is a Candidate? A Candidate is someone who has undergone a screening process by us and has been determined to be qualified for the position.

An applicant is chosen based on the information on their resume, and we then shortlist them for an initial interview to determine whether they can advance as a Candidate.

#2 - Initial Interview

The shortlisted applicant meets with the recruiter during the screening interview, where the recruiter determines whether they meet the job requirements. One of the most crucial steps, as it informs the hiring manager of the candidate's motives for applying for the position as well as their professional objectives.

#3 - Submission

If the shortlisted Candidate satisfies all the requirements, they are presented to the Client who has requested the agency to fill the open vacancies. The Candidate's abilities and experience are presented to the Client along with any other relevant info that could influence the Candidate to be at the top of their list for selection

#4 - Arrange Interview

After the candidate is chosen by the client, an interview is scheduled so that the Client and Candidate can determine whether they are a good fit for one another and go over things like salary and the job description. If both the Candidate and the Client are satisfied, the hiring process moves forward to its conclusion. If not, the Client will continue the hiring process. As we maintain active contact with other Clients to find potential opportunities for them, it also continues for the Candidate.


It is crucial to keep in mind that the recruitment process can vary from agency to agency, recruiter to recruiter, and industry to industry. Numerous other smaller but equally significant processes are also involved in the process.

This is a general explanation of how Aftermath's recruiters operate. Our goal is to provide for the needs of our Clients and Candidates by going above and beyond the norm. So, are you searching for Recruitment Solutions or Jobs?

Aftermath continuously works in a variety of industries to support recruitment efforts in the most Transparent and enlightening manner possible for both clients and candidates.

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