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Why aren't you attracting the right candidates for your vacancies?

Do the positions you're trying to fill receive enough, or relevant applications? We list the typical barriers that may prevent potential applicants from applying to your roles.

In a candidate-short market, many organizations are currently having trouble finding qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. At Aftermath Recruitment, we are aware that it takes work to find excellent candidates and keep them interested throughout the process.

We've provided some advice below to help you streamline your application process and avoid passing up on qualified candidates.

#1 - Cliche job descriptions

When a candidate is looking for a job, perusing numerous roles will become a daily habit. Because of this, reading job descriptions that use overused or typical language, such as "driven," "hard-working," or "detail-oriented," can put off many applicants because they worry that their role will blend in with others rather than stand out.

As much as possible, customize the job description to your organization and the position.

#2 - no reply that you received their application, so:

The candidate will be far more engaged if you simply let them know that you have received their application for the position and what the next steps are than if they click "apply" and receive no response at all.

The fact that you are reading and reviewing the applicant's application will encourage them to think of your business often.

#3 - not mentioning stability and growth in the job description:

Many job seekers are looking for a position that will lead to a career. You will save yourself a lot of candidates who might click off your application due to a lack of information about where they could go within your company by outlining the growth prospects and stability of the role in the job description.

#4 - No flexibility in the workplace:

The phrase "flexible working arrangements" is one of the most crucial things recruiters look for on your application, according to Covid working world. Many applicants have demonstrated their ability to work remotely and will no longer accept a 5-day, 9–5 workweek. It has been demonstrated that more candidates will submit applications when they are aware that the topic of preferred working arrangements is up for discussion.

Tip #5 - Finish strong

Your final tip will lead into your post’s conclusion. For example, “Lastly, knowing just a little bit about SEO can go a long way in helping your blog succeed. You can learn more about SEO in our guide.” Then be sure to add a link to your guide here.

Aftermath Recruitment is aware of the advantages that a diverse workforce can offer an organization and, as a result, makes sure that, while focusing on their organizational needs and culture, our focus is always open and transparent throughout the entire recruitment process for our clients. Our goal is to make sure that by offering our clients a diverse and skilled pool of candidates, we are facilitating their growth and development. To do this, we ensure that fostering diversity is a top priority at all stages of the hiring process, including job postings, candidate pipelines, reference checks, and interviews. About Aftermath Recruitment: is not just your recruitment agency—we are your recruitment partner, from the heart of the Middle East. Having served 110+ clients around the globe, in 10+ countries, from hiring entry-level to executive management positions, and nationalization, our specialized teams of expert recruiters take a personal approach to finding top talent across all industries to boost both our client's and candidates’ success. Whether you are a leader looking for your next top hire, or an exceptional talent looking for your next opportunity, we got your back, and we'd love to hear from you! If you have an active role you’d like to discuss or just want to talk to a specialist consultant, please Contact us

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