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Kickstart your journey with a free CV review. Upload your CV now, and let’s unveil its potential to capture the attention of recruiters in your desired industry.

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Interesting ATS Facts

  • ATS Usage: Over 90% of top companies use ATS for resume screening.

  • Rejection Rates: Around 75% of resumes are rejected by ATS before reaching a human.

  • Keyword Optimization: Essential for passing ATS filters.

  • Formatting: Complex formats can lead to misinterpretation by ATS.

  • Market Disadvantage: Non-ATS-friendly resumes are less competitive.

  • Industry Norm: Increasing reliance on ATS across sectors.

  • First Impression: An ATS-compatible resume makes a positive initial impact.

  • Job Matching: ATS-friendly resumes are more likely to match with suitable roles

Empower Your Career Ascent

Partner with TopCV for a CV that’s a ladder to your professional aspirations.

Our Services Include: 


One-on-one support from a seasoned professional writer.

A tailored, modern, industry-centric CV narrates your unique career trajectory.

A pledge to double your interview invitations, unlocking new career horizons!

The Step-by-Step Process

Match with an expert writer specializing in your industry.

aftermath recruitment

Engage in a personalized collaboration to craft your career narrative.

Embark on your job search with a CV that’s your passport to success.


Heading: Trusted by Job Seekers Globally

Select your Package

  • Junior Package

    Kick Start your Career | Upto 2 years of experience (no ATS optimization)
    • Beginners or those with up to 2 years of experience
    • One Page Resume
    • Basic Edit & Rewrite
    • Delivered in PDF & Word
  • Stand out

    Stand Out from the Crowd | 2+ years of experience (no ATS optimization)
    • 2 Page Resume
    • Source File
    • Review & Critique of Existing Resume
    • Cover Letter
    • Delivered in PDF & Word
    • Advanced Edit & Rewrite
    • Priority Service
  • Best Value

    Confidence Package (Super ATS friendly)

    Navigate the Job Market with Confidence (full Package)
    • Multi-Page Resume (ATS Optimised )
    • Custom Design
    • Optimize LinkedIn Profile
    • Cover Letter
    • Delivered in PDF & Word
    • Professional Edit & Rewrite
    • ATS Optimization Consultation
    • Designed for clients needing to pass through ATS filters eff
    • ATS-friendly resume formatting to increase interview chances
    • LinkedIn profile optimization for a comprehensive online pre

Our Samples

Client Testimonials

Amer Salah testimonial

As a media consultant, journalist, and novelist, my career thrives on storytelling. However, when it came to my CV, I struggled to narrate my diverse experiences compellingly. Aftermath Recruitment's CV service was transformative. Their team understood the essence of my multifaceted career and optimized my CV for ATS systems, ensuring my story reached the right audience. This strategic enhancement not only reflected my professional journey accurately but also opened new avenues in the media industry that I had previously missed.

Amer Salah

Media Consultant , Journalist, Novilist

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