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IT Manager

Job Description

Position Title - IT Manager

Job Summary

We are seeking an experienced and knowledgeable IT Manager to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for managing and overseeing the company IT infrastructure, systems, and operations. The IT Manager will work closely with the senior management team to develop and implement IT strategies that align with the company goals and objectives.

Responsibilities and Tasks:

To manage a specified territory within IT to achieve business goals and objectives.

The below Key Performance Areas include but are not limited to:

Ensure internal systems are maintained allowing quality and continuity of standards,
including the delivery of internal and external service level agreements.

  • Plan, strategies and allocate financial and team resources to establish help desk facility offering multi-level support capabilities.

  • Enforce organization information security standards, procedures, and guidelines.

  • Lead in setting up a backup of system information including procedures and policies related to the various systems and the management of them.

  • Procure and enhance systems to incorporate internal needs, and ensure uninterrupted operation of those systems.

  • Lead infrastructure refinements allowing for business expansion

  • Identify need for formal structure to support software product and end users at all levels of understanding.

  • Realize significant improvement of processing efficiency through in-depth performance analysis and optimization.

  • Provide ideas and recommendations to enhance the performance of systems to meet business changes and continuity.

  • Ensure follow up on Cost control, invoice control and stock management and Inventory management activities are happening and subsequent deliveries are been met by the cost control team with the business defined SLA.

  • Coordinate and follow up with the Starbucks IT team to ensure the transfer of data adhering to timescales, between the business specific systems, POS, My Micros, FMC and Back-office data to meet business needs.

  • Ensure the success of the business FPS (Financial planning system) by providing effective cross functional support with business stakeholders.

  • Ensure all Starbucks international KPI’s are delivered thru IPM systems as per the SLA

  • Lead all cross functional projects where IT is involved are delivered as per the guidelines with support and advise from central IT whenever it is needed

  • Develop and communicate standard operating procedures for the management of process and systems in a way that is clear to the stakeholders.

  • Ensure research is compiled and findings feedback. Develop opportunities to benefit the Business.

  • Ensure an accurate database of information at all times, updating and refreshing information to meet business requirements.

  • Develop and ensure the processing team delivers appropriate reports and systems functionality to perform and allow stakeholders to effectively identify strengths and opportunities efficiently and make business decisions.

  • Propel new technologies and formulate future visions.

  • Develop internal and external relationships and liaise with key areas to benefit the Business.

  • Develop and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships between business users /managers and IT regional/central groups

  • Design long-range strategies based on technical forecasts of industry trends.

  • Act as the main contact person with all company international and Micros counterparts to ensure projects and developments are led and delivered along with the IT team

  • Actively follow up and ensure that supplier delivery reconciliation processes in the systems are happening and adhered to as per the company procedures.

  • Manage/lead the teams within the Region, including appraisal, training, and new hire activities.

  • Recruit and build strong technical teams

  • Direct recruits through an intensive induction process to optimize team functionality

  • Lead teams of experts to achieve business and regional goal

  • Identify, allocate, and manage company resources to complete regional projects on time and within budget.

  • Guide the Application team to ensure the performance of business requirements such as price updates, recipe updates, Forex updates, and other business requirements are been delivered as per the SLA with our fail.

  • Provide guidance and direction for the technical team ensuring that planning and execution of projects are adhered to timelines and also ensure System setup are performed with the guidelines of company policy and procedure.

  • Ensure the development and implementation of systems and procedures to enhance Its business contributions and overall security of assets and information in compliance with company policy and local law.

  • Plan and schedule software implementations and upgrades.

  • Roll out products on time and budget across the region.

  • Provide consistent management of system-related processes aimed at driving profitability for the business Including the delivery of internal and external service level agreements.

  • Enable business stakeholders to effectively and accurately plan on a monthly and quarterly basis in addition to effectively analyzing business performance. Working cross-functionally the incumbent will ensure the continuous improvements in system development and processes enhancement related to
    systems to ensure stakeholder needs are met and delivered.

  • Work cross-functionally with business stakeholders to provide Business system functionality at all times and ensure accurate business data.

  • Provide management support for financial planning systems by establishing interfaces between finance, IT, SCCO, operations, marketing, food and bev, warehouse, and other data management systems as and when required.

Required skills/abilities:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Planning and organizational skills

  • Attention for the detail

  • Data analysis and management

  • Sound judgment and decision-making skills

  • Problem analysis and resolution

  • Discretion, integrity and confidentiality

  • Stress management

  • Appreciation and understanding of diversity

  • Adaptable

  • Conflict management and resolution

  • Collaborative skills

Location:  Jeddah, KSA

Physical Demands:

Able to work on/off the field - Able to Travel - Able to Drive cars.

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