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WHY CAN'T I GET THE JOB? Recognize your blind spots to succeed in the interview.

Job searching can be difficult. And if you're a job seeker who has submitted applications to numerous job postings or who struggles to get past the interview stage, you might be wondering, "Why am I not getting the job?" While some claim that the stars must be aligned, the truth is that stars don't pay the bills. Bills are paid by jobs. The likelihood is that you have a blind spot preventing you from finding employment. In this article, we'll examine the most typical interview blind spots, starting with the results of a survey we conducted among members of our LinkedIn network. After that, we'll give you actionable advice for getting ahead so you can ace your interview and land the job of your dreams..

Before you proceed: Dealing with your blind spots shouldn't cause you any anxiety. And if you discover that you have several blind spots, don't give up. You'll be that much closer to receiving a fantastic job offer if you take note of the blind spots, learn the strategies, and put them into practice. You can do this! Continue reading now.


In the kick-off of the discussion, they asked their 50k+ LinkedIn followers this question: What do you perceive to be the biggest deal breaker during a job interview?

They stated the following:

  • Late arrival: 45%

  • Unprepared responses: 35%

  • Inappropriate attire: 16%

  • Other - 3%

This list of blind spots is a great place to start a conversation, but there are many more where that came from. Let's zoom in for a closer examination of the blind spots that are probably preventing you from moving forward.


# 1 Arriving late for the job interview

The ” . term “ "dress for the job you want" is common knowledge. However, just as you wouldn't show up in a tux or a gown, you shouldn't wear shorts and a T-shirt to an interview for a job as a construction laborer. In addition to creating a good first impression, your appearance communicates to the interviewer:

  • How familiar with the work are you

  • How well you'll blend in with the locals

  • How committed you are to the task. Therefore, it's important to consider what others who play this role typically wear and the message you want to convey. Google is a good source of ideas. For instance, look up how to dress for a job interview as a property manager. If you're having trouble choosing what to wear, consider going to work to observe what others are doing. Alternatively, wear business or smart casual attire.


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